25 thoughts on “«Mathematics is the language with which God wrote the Universe.» ~ Galileo Alpha And Omega”

  1. numbers = numb burrs , same sound different meaning.

    Spelling or spelling? or both? Word spelling, casting spells?

    This meme basically got my goat up, so to speak..look at it, smh

    The original Magyar language already had math in it without needing numerical digits, it was when the reptoids/sorcerers etc put the language/alphabet into numerical digits is where EVERYTHING went wrong and why we all speak confused tongues languages today (and why this planet is going to shit) where the root meaning of the word is always obscured, unlike the original Magyar language. English, the most perverse sick confused tongues language of them all, doesn’t even have the words/vocabulary to describe the consciousness of original creation, a totally emotionally void language.

    Look at the word harmony = harm money, money harm , wtf is the word ‘harm’ doing in harmony? Is not the action of ‘harm’ the opposite of what we are taught ‘harmony’ means? Is not the word ‘mean’ also an action of harm too?

    Anagram of free is feer/fear…see how the real/root meaning of the word is obscured when the same sound is used for so many words?

    Anagram of creation is reaction, a reaction re acting of the original creation. Creation doesn’t even sound how it is spelt, neither does reaction.

    Balance….Ball lance…… Baal ants….same sound, 3 different meanings….total jinxed/hexed language……

    Galileo were you mistaken or what? The math was already in the organic structure of the original Magyar language which connects us to the sounds of nature unlike confused tongues languages today which are full of artificial sounds and scrambled misappropriated original sounds with perverted and hidden false meanings that go back to the sorcerers that created them, not god or the original creation consciousness, the original consciousness/language didn’t need to be separated and split into duel/duality and reverse polarised. Do you really reckon that ‘god’ actually ‘wrote’ the universe into existence with numerical digits?

    dual/duel, again, same sound, 2 opposite meanings….stupid bipolar jinxed language…is the duality duelling with itself? When a woman/man becomes divided within her/himself, everything becomes black and white, and this is how the powers that shouldn’t be use and manipulate this inorganic intellectual duality false construct to divide and conquer humanity from within, as divide and conquer starts from a consciousness/language level.

    sacred…why is there a red sac?

    Everything in reality is in the language and if you control the consciousness of the language, you control what people base their reality on. Confused tongues language ‘spelled’ words go back to the sorcerers that created these abomination bipolar reverse polarised duality languages and disconnect ourselves from self and nature, unlike the original Magyar language which is the consciousness of original creation itself which always intuitively kept us connected with nature, both us and nature being of the same thing without separation.

    Look at the word ‘tree’, what part of it connects to your inherent senses to let you know that it is a tree?

    NONE of it…U have to be intellectually taught that it means a tree, the original language sounds connect our whole body senses to the tree without having to be taught intellectually that it means a tree. What part of the sound of ‘tree’ connects your senses to the tree? None of it. Do the letters symbolise/represent what a tree looks like? Nope.

    Look at your sideways 8 infinite symbol. Another stupid numerical digit.

    The infinite symbol is a folded circle. What is infinite about a circle being folded and twisted into a contrived feedback loop? What is infinite about a circle that keeps going round and round and going nowhere else? An unbroken circle traps everything inside it and forces everything into the centre dot until it implodes. The same as what squaring a circle does too to a circle. Both the feminine and masculine get suppressed whether it is the masculine line being the imploded dot in the feminine circle or the feminine circle being sliced and squared by the masculine lined square.

    numbers = numb burrs

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